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Rust - volume 2 by Nesskain
Rust - volume 2
27pages left before I finish drawing volume 2 and then I’ll start the coloring ! go go go.
hey guys ! I made a video of me drawing on my cintiq :
Oxford Circus p1 by Nesskain
Oxford Circus p1

A little teaser of Oxford Circus .I had a little digital overdose, needed to do something traditionnaly today… So I took the opportunity to test the famous mangaka’s ink : “Pilot ink”. I wanted to try this one for so long but it wasn’t available in france ‘til now. And I have to say I’m a little bit dissapointed, it doesn’t work really well with my brush… I had to darker every with photoshop… Now I want to restart the page over :D

I add the raw version on tumblr :

P.S: sorry if there are english mistakes .
not finished by Nesskain
not finished
something I forgot to finish; but I kind of like how it looks at this stage.
livestream test by Nesskain
livestream test

little quicky for the livestream test. It seems that it runs very well on the cintiq companion !

you can watch it back here (just a little bug sound at the beginning):…



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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Nantes (FRANCE)

I don't do commissions and print.
Hi there !

Sometimes I answered to people sometimes not... I simply forget to answer, or don't have time, or the question has been asked billion times, or it's too complicated to write it in english.

so here some answers: (sorry if there are english's mistakes, I'm french ^^.)

Do you take commissions ?
Nope, I really don't have time ! Sorry guys. I won't answer to note/PM about that.

Do you do prints of your illustrations ?

Not for the moment... It's very personal I'm not sure I'm ready to make money from it.

Can I use your art ?
It depends for what, If I don't answer then it means "no". Don't take it badly... It just takes too much times to make proper sentences to say no and I don't have time to deal with it... sorry.
And please don't use it for 9gag or something else like that.
Artists are fighting for there rights and they use screenshots and gif to make jokes...
I might be hard and harsh about it and I'm sorry but it's insulting and paradoxale.

What software do you use ?
Mangastudio 4EX for comics and drawing.
Mangastudio 5EX for colors.
I draw on MS4 because it's easier and faster... it depends on your sensibility I guess...

Where can I get your brushes ?
My brushes are here :…
They are the basic one from MS5 but I changed the sensitivity of everything.

Do you do tutorials ?
You can find some step by step in my deviantart's gallery and some livestream here :
My english is not good enough to do a clear tutorial.

Are you the bearded guy that you always paint ?
Nope, I'm asian guys ! ahah :D.
I will never paint myself, my ego is big enough like that.

Where did you learn to draw ?
I learned and still learn everything with internet, you can find almost everything. Just do it seriously and cleverly.
I spent a lot of time on Posemaniac to train my eyes to see fast and be accurate.
For perspective, I recommend the book from David Chelsea, the drawings are not that good but everything he said is very very good. I bought the DVD from Scott Robertson, it's really nice for free hand perspective...
For anatomy I learn from photography, at the time I followed a lot of nude photographers on deviantart and draw every pictures every morning...
I also learned a lot from this website:… , even if it is in japanese I understood a lot of things.
You can also get DVDs from Vilppu.

And most important: I learn from drawing from life. Try to draw every situations! You might not draw it well but it doesn't matter. The most important is to feel and live what you draw.

How much time do you draw ?
I draw 8~18hours a day, it depends if I like what I do or not. Most of the time it is 12 hours I think... I can't really say, there are days where I don't draw...

Do you use references ?
Yes, I do. 50% of the time. If I don't use references it would mean that I know everything and have nothing to learn...
And when I don't like to draw something I use reference to do it faster and better.

What are your inspirations ?
My inspirations are mainly japaneses manga artists, you can find the list here:…
I don't read a lot of american comics or french comics.

If you guys have other questions, just ask me I'll try to answer it here.

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I'm glad I found your gallery, the art you make is so beautiful and inspiring.
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Nice style!
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You have such stunning work! :clap: 

Keep it up! 

sorry for my possibly incorrect english
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